Big Size Ragnarok Hulk Action Figure Big Size Ragnarok Hulk Action Figure
Big Size Ragnarok Hulk Action Figure
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Big Size Ragnarok Hulk Action Figure ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jake T. ✅ VERIFIED BUYER Turn your Imagination into Interactive Battle Action! Love having your favorite superheroes collectables, memorabilia stand on the mantle or your desk?This nicely designed beautiful Gladiator Hulk Action Figure is truly a piece worth getting excited about! Thor's epic confrontation with Hulk represented one of the most dramatic scenes in the film "Thor: Ragnarok," and now you can replicate the drama right on your table-top! this portrayal of Hulk in full Ragnarok gear includes his armor and mace. This big size Ragnarok Hulk action figure allows the children to have fun while playing and develop friendships with their peers. It can also be great as your favorite superhero's collectibles and memorabilia stand on the mantle or your desk. This beautifully designed action figure is truly a piece of worth! Kids can imagine their favorite Ragnarok Hulk hero crashing and smashing into action by selecting any feature they want! It is an interactive toy that includes exciting sound effects, fist-smashing features, and 5 points of articulation. This interactive toy will surely bring them to an unextraordinary play world! KEY BENEFITS: ✔️Sound Effects To hear a command from the gamma-green hero, press the button on the chest of Ragnarok Hulk. Then, listen as the figure declares ''Hulk is grand champion!'' letting all who challenge him know of his legendary strength. ✔️Fist-Smashing  It demonstrates brute force with a fist-smashing feature by a simple pull of the arm of Ragnarok Hulk! ✔️ Interacts with Electronic Thor Figure When Ragnarok Hulk comes into contact with Electronic Thor, he recognizes and reacts to the God of Thunder, saying things like "Hulk friend!" and "No one is a match for Hulk!". When these two figures team up, it is an out-of-this-world smash and strike team-up! (Electronic Thor figures are available separately.) ✔️ Educational Toy Allow your child to develop STEM skills at an early stage. This toy boosts imagination and promotes hand-eye coordination ability and the intellectual development of the children.  ✔️Great Gift on Any Ages Turn your loved one’s world amazing with this gift. A perfect gift on any occasion during Christmas, birthday, and holiday. It can be used as a toy by kids to interact with other kids and as a marvel collection by adults. Kids can imagine their favorite gamma-green hero crashing and smashing into action. Interactive Gladiator Hulk figure featuring battle sounds and phrases 14-inch action figure with 5-point articulation and hand-smashing feature. Imagine Gladiator Hulk smashing into battle. Features the Hulk from the deadly gladiatorial contest in Thor Ragnarok. This Hulk captures the comic book character’s massive physique as it stands at an impressive 21cm and includes movable arms. Don’t miss your chance to add this Hulk to your collection! SPECIFICATIONS: Item Type: Action Figure 2 Sizes: Approx 14 inches (35cm) & 8.5 inches (21.5cm) PRODUCT INCLUDES: 1x Big Size Ragnarok Hulk Action Figure
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