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360 Rotating Dancing Princess 360 Rotating Dancing Princess
360 Rotating Dancing Princess
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Bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it! It's her favorite toy and loves the lights and movements. Very cute & bigger than I expected. Very colorful twirls while playing a song. I highly recommend it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nicole H. ✅ VERIFIED BUYER  Cross the perfect gift right off your long list of to-dos because our 360 Rotating Dancing Princess is ready to be purchased! This fairy doll rotates on its own, can also sing, unfold skirt pages, she will keep your kids engaged as they watch the princess twirl and throw colorful lights. Watch in amazement as this beautiful ballerina dances on her own. The 360 Rotating Dancing Princess music box puts on a captivating show that every little princess will love. Your little princess will have fun playing with this fairy doll. KEY BENEFITS: ✔️ 360-degree rotation Witness how amazingly well the princess doll dances with its 360-degree rotating feature. Don’t worry, its break-dancing skills will not result in any actual breaking of the toy.  ✔️ LED lights included Of course, no dance show would be complete without the colorful lighting in the background. The 360 Rotating Princess Doll comes with LED lights for that added theatricality in her performance. ✔️ Sweet music plays Our princess doll dances to an excellent melody. You can even play it during holiday dinners and dance to its music as well.  ✔️ Beautiful princess shape Who does not love Frozen during the winter times? Well, no one, if taken literally, that’s for sure. But we are not talking about that kind of frozen! It’s the one that goes, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” The sisters Elsa and Anna come in exquisite workmanship with our toy. You almost couldn’t tell if they were real or not.  ✔️ Best gift ever And not only for Christmas. You can also wrap the 360 Rotating Princess Doll for birthdays and other occasions. SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 23 cm x 21 cm  Weight: about 400g Powered by: 3x 1.5V AA batteries (not included) PRODUCT INCLUDES: 1x 360 Rotating Dancing Princess
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