Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars
Mini Stunt Toy Cars

Mini Stunt Toy Cars

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It is a really amazing car! It has endless play which is ideal to avoid playing with gadgets. It also helps their STEM development. Thank you, seller!

A Fun Car Racing Challenge for Kids!

Nowadays, kids are using gadgets every day to kill boredom. Instead of spending time with other children or families - they are more likely to spend time alone playing video games. It not only disconnects them from reality but also leads to serious illness. With electronic game addiction and health implications, it is best to stop this early and invest in interactive toys.

This Mini Stunt Toy Cars will surely love it. You can create car racing challenges or car racing games that will help to keep away from gadgets. Through parent-child games using these cars, it also connects them to their family and bonds with each other. It also helps children develop STEM skills at a young age. It also enhances their critical thinking, imagination, curiosity, and hand-eye coordination. You can also add it to your car memorabilia collection.

Glide the car by a certain distance then it will automatically move forward. It has an ejector device which is perfect for car racing games since it causes the car to jump and flip. It is also an ideal gift for kids and adults at Christmas and birthdays. It is an exceptionally fantastic toy for both learning and entertainment!



✔️ Ejector Device

When the car collides, the ejector device is activated, causing the car to jump and flip. After each game, you must reset the ejection device.

✔️ No Battery Required

Drag the stunt car by a certain distance, then send it, and it will move forward automatically.

✔️ Perfect Educational Toy Cars

This colorful and beautifully designed toy can stimulate children's imaginations, foster curiosity, encourage hand-eye coordination, improve identification, and improve educational learning tools.

✔️ Smooth Edge

Lightweight and small in size, with soft edges and curves and no sharp edges to injure your children.

✔️ High-Quality Workmanship

We used high-quality plastic to ensure durability and safety. The body of this stunt car is made of alloy material, which makes it durable and resistant to damage.


  • Material: Alloy and ABS Material
  • Suitable Age: 3 years and above
  • Size: width - 4 cm/1.5in; length - 9cm/ 3in; height - 3xm/ 1.1in


    • 1 x Mini Stunt Toy Car