Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
Smart RC Robot Dog Toy

Smart RC Robot Dog Toy

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Both three-year-old grandson and granddaughter love this. Entertained them for hours. It appears to be of sturdy construction and durable. It also responds well to the remote control. Recommend to everyone, you won't be disappointed.


This Remote Controlled Smart Dog with Interesting Features will be a Perfect Play Companion for Your Little One.

  • Smart obstacle avoidance, intelligent following, gesture sensing & touch sensitive features.
  • Soft lighting to accompany the children to play at night.
  • Two control modes - wireless remote controller, touch-sensitive control.

Are you looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your kid? You may want to check this, one of a kind, Smart RC Robot Dog! Its smart features will keep your kids entertained, and it can even help improve your child’s cognitive development!

Kids are fond of playing with animals such as little puppies. However, most parents may worry about the responsibility that comes with keeping a pet at home. With this Smart Robot Dog, you get to keep a pet for your kid to play with, but you can avoid the stress of taking care of an actual dog’s fur and everything!

With the Robot Dog Toy, Its remote-controlled system allows your child to learn about movements and directions, as well as how they can assist their pet toy in walking to avoid obstacles.


 ✔️ Touch and Remote-controlled

Your little kid can control their Robot Dog Toy’s movements by using the remote controller that comes with the toy. There are two throttles in the remote - left (forward and backward walking) and right (left and right turn). The other remote buttons also allow other toy actions such as body stretch and controller follow.

✔️ Sound Features

Having a Robot Dog Toy can be compared to having a real dog. This one can bark realistically and can even entertain your kid by playing music!

✔️ Fun Actions

The Robot Dog Toy has main features such as walking forward and backward, turning left and right, following the remote controller, telescopic, avoiding obstacles, and having touch-sensing abilities.

Through hand gesture, the robot dog can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right easily. With built-in infrared sensor, the dog can auto sense and avoid obstacles before hitting on its way.

✔️ Intelligent Sensor

By simply touching the dog’s head, it can interact with you and produce cute sounds. Moreover, it has a unique interaction feature that can be triggered by pressing the Follow button on the remote. It allows the dog to follow where the remote controller is, making it more fun when your kid holds the remote controller. It’s like playing with a real pet that follows you wherever you go!

✔️ Safe for Kids

The Smart Robot Dog Toy is 100% safe for kids to use! It is made of ABS material and is non-toxic. It also has no sharp edges and its shockproof material with an infrared detector prevents crashing into hard surfaces. Thus, it is totally harmless for kids, and playtime will be much better!

✔️ Good Company for Kids

Great option of keeping a puppy if your kids are allergic to real puppy. It offers a real experience of having a puppy at home without dealing with mess and feeding it, which would be a great gift for your kids for Christmas or Birthday.


  • Appearance (Dog Breed): Mini Dachshund
  • Toy Size: 40cm X 20cm X 24cm
  • Toy Power: 4pcs 1.5V AA batteries (not included in pack)
  • Operation Time: 30-35 minutes 
  • Control Distance: Up to 5 meters
  • Recommended Age: 3+ years old


  • 1 X Smart RC Robot Dog Toy
  • 1 X Remote